Dhaba. Punjabi hotel is a roadside café in the Indian subcontinent. They are on thruways, for the most part, serve nearby cooking, and furthermore fill in as truck stops. It has consistently been our preferred spot to eat heavenly nourishment and have a decent time with our companions. It is the name given to roadside cafés in India and Pakistan. They are arranged on expressways. And by and large, serve nearby food and furthermore fill in as truck. It is said that the hotel moves wherever a Punjabi goes. It was probably established soon after the linking of the cities of India by highways. Though no records can be city as to the first hotel, it can reasonably be assumed that such restaurants first flourished along the Grand Trunk Road which ran from Peshawar in the Punjab through Amritsar and Delhi to Calcutta. There is now a large network of the Punjabi immigrant community worldwide, and many Punjabis have opened in far lands. It were characterize by mud structures and cots to sit upon while eating. A wooden plank would be place across the width of the cot on which to place the dishes. With time, the cots were replace by tables. The food is typically inexpensive and has a 'homemade' feel to it.

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Peace Restaurant

Open now
Location: Peace Restaurant, Penthakata, Puri, Odisha, IndiaPhone: 098534 22864

Puri New Hotel

Open now
Location: Puri New Hotel, Unnamed Road, Puri, Odisha, India

Bijay Dhaba

Open now
Location: Bijay Dhaba, Oriya Bazar, Cuttack, Odisha, India

Punjabi Dhaba

Open now
Location: Punjabi Dhaba,Haripur Dolmundai Puja Committee, Buxi Bazar Road, Siba Bazar, Cuttack, Odisha 753001, IndiaPhone: 09437475175

Nakli Dhaba

Location: Mayfair Lagoon, Jayadev Vihar, Bhubaneswar, OdishaPhone: 92384 13009